Makeup and Hairstyling preparations


A healthy and moisturised skin is one of the most essential aspects of a successful makeup application. When your skin is dry, there is a big chance that products such as foundation won't sit beautifully. I therefor advice you to make use of a mild, every day cleanser a few days prior to your session. By doing so you are assured that your skin will shine and is completely fresh. Avoid too strong facial scrubs, as these contain strong perfumes which may disturb your skin balance.

To make your skin look even healthier, it is important to wash your face both morning and evening. I advice you to use moisturising creme after each rinse. Use a facial cream with low perfume contents with a good hydration for an optimal effect.


It is important to come to your session with clean hair, which is why I advice you to wash your hair the evening before. By that you are assured that your hair will contain the most natural fasts, and thus your hair will be less frizzy and easier to style.