Session booking

Standard session
Session includes:
  • 4 carefully retouched images in total
  • 0 retouched images of your own choice
  • €8,- Store Credit to spend on prints
Extra session
Session includes:
  • 6 carefully retouched images in total
  • 3 retouched images of your own choice
  • €13,- Store Credit to spend on prints
  • DVD Passe-Partout, incl. retouched images
Deluxe session
Session includes:
  • 10 carefully retouched images in total
  • 5 retouched images of your own choice
  • €18,- Store Credit to spend on prints
  • DVD Passe-Partout, incl. retouched images and preview images

Session information

Select your package

Once you have decided which package suits you the most, you enter the last details and you can complete the booking process. Upon completion you will receive a short questionaire to till in. In there you can tell me more about yourself, how you want to see yourself portrayed and which style and atmosphere you want the photos to have. In addition it will be addressed what you want to get out of the session and what your wishes are for the end result. For example where you will hang or display the final images. This helps me to ensure a perfect end result.

Make-up & Hairstyling

Professional make-up and hairstyling is a big part of your portrait experience. By letting me do this, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a bit of pampering at the start of your session. This will assure that you not only have a flawless finished look for your portraits, but also feel great!

Make-up enhances your natural beauty and I will bring up the best in you by using correct shades and contours. While applying your make-up and styling your hair, I will explain to you what I am doing step by step. This allows you to create your own look during the process. You can choose between natural - barely there make-up, light and fresh, darker evening make-up or a smokey eye for example. The choice is entirely yours!

More information about how you can prepare yourself for the make-up and hairstyling can be read here
Decide on a location

The location of your session plays a big role in the atmosphere of your final images. Beautiful places such as parks, the beach or the forest enhance the natural beauty and bring up the best in you.

If you prefer a more timeless look, my studio is always available for a variety of portraits. Elegant and classic, beauty or fashion, the choice is yours. In addition it is a good alternative when the weather doesn’t play out as hoped.

The quality of light is vital in my photography. Because of this, when booking an outdoor session, it has my preference to let the session take place in the last couple of hours before the sun sets. This ensures that the light is soft, vibrant and complementing. We can also schedule an early morning session if that suits you better.

More information about travel can be read here
Enjoy your session

Before the session takes place, I will have answered all your potential questions and received all information necessary to make the session a success. This assures that you will feel fully prepared and at ease.

On the day of the session itself, all you have to do is show up to the decided location with your outfits for the day, and we will be ready to start! If make-up or hairstyling is part of your booking, then make sure you have taken the necessary preparations. For example think about the correct skin care.

Your job during the session? Just be your natural self - the more relaxed you are, the more your beauty will shine through! I will continuously guide you with poses, expressions and ideas throughout the session, making sure you look your best and feel confident.

Select your favorites

Shortly after your session, you can view all images of the day in your own private online gallery. Sit back and enjoy while you see your beautiful photos for the very first time through a slideshow. While you are watching the images, you can directly select the images you like and turn them into favorites later.

Once you have ordered your favorites, your images are carefully and lovingly edited into works of art. This process is not rushed - I spend hours on removing distracting elements, enhancing your eyes' beauty and perfecting the skin. As last steps I correct and enhance colors and light, and fine tune every image individually to perfection.

Fall inlove with the products

After receiving the edited photos comes the difficult part - deciding what you are going to do with your beautiful photos. In your purchased package, there is store credit included to get you started on your print order. There are no print packages that you are required to choose from. Furthermore there are no minimum order requirements; only the freedom to choose which products and photos you want. There are several quality products you can choose from. These can proudly be displayed in your home and are guaranteed to be a nice conversation starter.

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